Energy Services

Energy Services

We provide Domestic Energy Certificates for the sale or rent of residential properties.

The assessment process at your property will include:

  • Construction type
  • Age
  • Roof
  • Walls and floors
  • Dimensions
  • Loft Conversion (if present)
  • Openings (glazing type and age)
  • Primary and secondary heating systems (boilers, controls and decorative fires etc.)
  • Conservatories (if present)
  • Renewables (solar PV, solar Thermal, etc if present)

The final certificate will include a rating from A to G.

It will also provide an estimate of costs for heating, lighting and hot water per annum for the property.

Offer recommendations on how to improve the performance of the property and reduce these costs / assist the environment.

Cost of our EPC Service – £75

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