Energy Performance Certificate

The different types of Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates were first introduced by the UK government in 2007. There's 3 different types of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). The Domestic EPC used when selling or renting a residential property. The Commercial EPC used for business locations such as office blocks and factories. The Display EPC which is generally only found on government [...]
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Find an Energy Performance Certificate

Did you know that the UK government allows you to check online whether a property as an active Energy Performance Certificate and all the information you need to get started is your postcode. Simply visit this web address: and enter your postcode after following the prompts.     It’s a great service that will […]

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Do you need an energy performance certificate for a listed building?

My home’s a listed building, do I need an EPC?

Many people think that listed buildings are exempt from Energy Performance Certificates but this is not the case, EPC regulations do not state that listed buildings are exempt from the requirement to obtain EPCs but rather they are exempt “insofar as compliance with certain minimum energy performance requirements would unacceptably alter their character or appearance”. […]

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Selling your home in a pandemic

Selling your home in the Pandemic?

We’ve all become familiar with lockdown restrictions in our neighbourhoods in the wake of the global pandemic, but what happens if you need to sell your house and how can you cope with viewings? In addition to current government advice, you need to do your best to self isolate and prevent people from unnecessarily visiting […]

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