AIIC petition for compulsory Independent Inventory Reporting

Libra Energy and Estates AIIC petition for compulsory Independent Inventory Reporting

AIIC petition for compulsory Independent Inventory Reporting

There has been a major issue in the world of property renting for both tenants and honest landlords.  Currently landlords have the power to sign off on their own inventory reporting, this can be an unethical practice if the landlord has ulterior motives and has the power to change reporting to suit their needs. This is something that must end for the sake of tenants and the legitimacy of the industry in offering a good and honest service to the people of the UK.

The AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks) have started a petition for the government to discuss enforcement of unbiased independent inventory reporting. This should be an essential part of the residential letting process to make it fair for all involved.The petition aims to provide full protection to all parties in the letting process. The AIIC believes that independent reporting is the only realistic way to ensure this process is fair for all involved.

There is substantial evidence to show that tenants happily sign documents in exchange to keys to their news homes. This is often done without knowing that the inventory checks are being filed by an agent or source that is not third party or unbiased or even the landlord themselves. This can lead to disputes if property is reported missing as the landlord has control over what has been reported, leaving room for unethical practice from a select few landlords who bend the rules. Some tenants are signing these reports before they even have the opportunity to read them at the property they relate to, leaving tenants at high risk of exposure at the end of the tenancy. This proves the merit of Independent Inventory Reporting as a compulsory measure.

The AIIC are also of the view that the petition if successful will enable the Government Tenancy Deposit Scheme to have sufficient impartial evidence to enable them to adequately adjudicate should there be a dispute between landlord and tenant.

This practice is unethical and leaves tenants at risk at the end of tenancy as the landlords have control over the inventory that has been reported. It must be stopped for the sake of the industry and to safeguard all involved in the letting process.

Libra Energy and Estates are a certified and offer a high quality 3rd party inventory reporting service and we offer our services to uphold good practices in the letting industry to safeguard all involved.

View our website by Clicking Here for more information on using our services for unbiased reporting.

Libra Energy & Estates support the petition and would like to invite people to help by sharing the petition via the below link to as many people as possible.

Please help us to make tenancies safer for all parties:

“Make independent inventory reporting of privately rented properties compulsory”

Click this link to see our petition and start sharing it:


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