Wales has the highest number of homes with an EPC rating less than E

Wales has the highest number of homes with an EPC rating less than E, according to new research, most of which are in the more rural areas of Gwynedd, Anglesey and Ceredigion.

A study by revealed that Gwynedd also has the fewest number of properties with an EPC rating of A-C.

Government target

While the government has proposed that new rental properties would require an EPC rating of C or above by 2025, followed by all tenancies from 2028, this research shows that 5.9% of the available housing stock already fall below the current requirements of an E rating, that’s almost a whopping 1.8 million homes!

Welsh homes are often harder to make energy efficient due to properties mainly because properties are often rural or of historic significance such as listed buildings, which makes it more costly to make them more efficient leading some landlords to put such work on the back burner. Welsh rural renters tend to stay in the property longer resulting in a lower turnover of rentals resulting in there being less urgency to bring the properties up to scratch.

If landlords are aiming to meet the minimum criteria for their properties, it will mean more work and costs in the years to come to meet increasing requirements so this is best nipped in the bud right now before the global economic climate sees costs for labour and materials escalate further. The first stage in the process is to get an accurate assessment of your rental property’s energy efficiency with an up to date EPC or energy performance certificate.

What is an energy performance certificate?

Energy performance certificates are a rating scheme to summarise the energy efficiency of buildings.

The building is given a rating between A – G, the EPC will also include tips the most cost effective ways to improve your homes energy rating allowing you to make the most of any opportunities to buy or rent.

Energy performance certificates are used in the UK to help potential buyers or renters determine whether or not your property is a good investment for them that will save them money on their heating bills, minimising their impact upon the climate in terms of CO2 produced as well as an indication of general energy efficiency for the duration of their lease or the length of time that they own the property for should they choose to buy.

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