What does an energy performance assessor do when they inspect my premises?

An energy performance assessor completes a survey of the building to check the premises’s energy efficiency.

These surveys usually take about an hour or so to complete, during which time the assessor will have evaluated the entire building, hence in order to get the best out of the visit the assessor will need access to every single room including the loft if possible.  The assessor’s visits will be brief and non-intrusive, so you won’t have to worry about pulling up floorboards ahead of the visit.  We guarantee that your home or building will remain in one piece just like it was at the start of the assessment! 

If you have any planned improvements coming along then it’s best to get them finished before the assessors visits, modern upgrades to properties such as home insulation, up to date heating systems and modern windows will have a huge impact on the energy performance rating of your property making it much more desirable to prospective buyers or tenants.  Nobody wants to live or work in an inefficient building that costs them money to heat at the same time that it’s costing the environment dearly, thanks to its contribution to climate change.

Older houses with traditional solid walls, uninsulated roofs and elevated floors won’t score very highly so getting these types of properties (and there’s plenty of them in Wales) insulated where possible will make a huge difference to your rating.  

Homes that still use electric radiators or fan heaters as a heat source will get penalised so it’s best to remove them in favour of something more modern and efficient. The same applies to insulation, if it’s present in all of the main cavities as well as being thickly applied to the loft this will improve your EPC rating.  Not to mention the additional benefits gained from Energy saving light bulbs, efficient double glazing, (or triple if you can get it!), insulated water tanks, and the overall air-tightness of the property.

The goal of every property owner should be to create a warm and snug environment using as little energy as possible.  By putting a little bit of time and effort into improving your EPC rating, you can ensure that your property will gain the best efficiency possible for that type and age of building. 

If you’d like to find out more about our assessment process then contact us here.

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