Do I need a EPC?

Do I need a EPC?

The answer to this is YES if you are planning to lease or sell a domestic property in Wales.

Potential buyers or renters will need to see an energy performance certificate in order to judge how efficient your property is, this is a legal requirement in Wales and in the midst of an energy and cost of living crisis is especially important as it provides an indication of your property’s current energy performance.  You must have one in place before even beginning to sell or lease a property.  If you don’t you could be fined up to £5,000!


What exactly is an EPC?

Save some future money by investing in your home’s energy efficiency now!An energy performance certificate is a certificate created by an energy assessor from ‘Libra Energy and Estates .’   One of our assessors will visit your property and assess exactly how energy efficient it is by looking at the levels of insulation available, checking the attic, assessing the quality of windows and so on to accurately assess the energy performance of your property.  Our assessors are qualified and accredited, thus you can be assured of a professional service from Libra Energy and Estates.


An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) measures energy efficiency on a scale of A – G so that buyers or potential tenants can easily see how energy efficient their prospective home is likely to be.


From the 1st of April 2023 (EPC Rating Changes) it will be illegal for landlords to rent out or lease a commercial property with an EPC rating less than “E”

From the 1st of April 2027 landlords must have grade “C” or higher before they can rent or sell his property.

Eventually this will become Grade ‘B’ by 2028 in order to help achieve the government’s aims of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Fines are also set to increase for non compliance for not having a valid EPC certificate from £5000 to £30000 by 2025.


So contact us for more information if you live in Wales and would like a domestic or commercial EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and we’ll happily help.


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