Landlords – Improve efficiencies to attract new clients

Energy regulator Ofgem has recently announced that in its quarterly update to the energy price cap that its set to rise to an annual level of £4,279 in January 2023, but bill-payers remain protected under the government’s Energy Price Guarantee (EPG).


The energy price cap level indicates how much consumers on their energy supplier’s basic tariff would pay if the EPG were not in place.


For the first three months of 2023, the energy price cap will increase to an annual level of £4,279 for an average dual fuel household paying by direct debit based on typical consumption.  This is especially important in the current economic climate where renters will naturally be more concerned about the cost-of-living crisis and how the property that they may rent from you will affect their ongoing finances.  You can’t blame potential tenants for wanting their money to go further and in this highly competitive and cutthroat market landlords will do well to ensure that their properties are more energy efficient than those offered by their competitors.


If you’d like an up-to-date energy assessment and energy performance certificate contact us now for more details and we’ll take a look at your property and suggest any improvements you can make to increase its energy efficiency that if completed would reduce energy bills for you tenants making your properties more attractive than the competition to potential renters.


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