Find an Energy Performance Certificate

estate-services-homeDid you know that the UK government allows you to check online whether a property as an active Energy Performance Certificate and all the information you need to get started is your postcode.

Simply visit this web address:

and enter your postcode after following the prompts.



It’s a great service that will allow you to check the recommendations for greater energy efficiency for any renter, property owner or landlord as it allows you to see not only your own EPC but the energy performance certificates of all properties in the postcode area as well as improvements recommended for each property.

This might give you a rough indication of the type of improvements that you need to make to your property to maximise energy efficiencies and minimise CO2 production thus protecting the environment and reducing operational costs for the home.


If you don’t have an active Energy Performance Certificate you will need to get one before you sell your property or rent to a tenant, in which case contact us at Libra Energy and we’ll do the rest.



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