Grade ‘C’ for properties is only 4 years away.

Ratings now available online.

So get ahead and get your energy efficiency improvements done now, as more than a third of landlords in England and Wales do not think they can achieve an Energy Performance Certificate ‘C’ rating on their properties – a target that is due to be set for them by the Government who wants to increase the requirement to a ‘C’ rating for all new tenancies by 2025, and for all existing tenancies by 2028.

At the moment, buy-to let homes in England and Wales need to have an EPC rating of ‘E’ or above but this is set to change in the next few years.  Most landlords recently surveyed were not confident that they would be able to meet the new target.

With 4 years to go there’s plenty of time to make your improvements in a cost effective manner ahead of the deadline.  Get your improvements in early and spread the cost so that you don’t have a huge bill from tradesmen or contractors as the deadline closes.  Likewise tradesmen might be unavailable when you want them which may make it impossible for you to let your property, in the meantime you can contact us for an assessment so that we can rate your buy to let property and let you know of any improvements that you can make ahead of the deadline thus protecting your rental income.

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