What’s the difference between EPC and DEC


EPCs and DECs assess the energy efficiency of a building.

DEC Explained

DEC is an acronym for Display Energy Certificates. A DEC is a generated certificate which shows exactly how much energy a property has used for the previous year. The benefits of a DEC is that it can show you areas where the property’s energy can be improved and what areas of the property are performing well. This allows customers to pinpoint exactly the areas of improvement.

EPC Explained

EPC is an acronym for Energy Performance Certificate. An EPC is a prediction of how energy efficient your property could be. With an EPC, there are ratings that are issued based on theoretical predictions e.g. A,B,C and so on. A is the highest rating that can be achieved as it shows the most efficient property rating. A property which has an A-rated EPC would be classified as more efficient than a building with a B-rated EPC.

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